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"Sugomono, Excellent Goods" database website was created on February 29,2016.

Item pickup

  • Himetemari (a traditional Japanese handball)
  • Imabari Rescue Towel (towel for emergencies)
  • Organic Cotton Somoku Hand-dyed Gauze Stole
  • Oni no Kowagami ( Demon's hard paper)
  • Laminated Decorative Wood for Purlin & Beam/Decora Panel
  • Rush Window Shade
  • Sakurai Lacquer Ware  Flower Designed Crystal
  • Frit VASE   Small Plates 5-item Set
  • Fine Goods of Ehime,Excellent Goods
  • Japanese Candle
  • Niowanai Bath Towel (odor-resistant bath towel)
  • 1/5 sized Futon-jime (dragon embroidery decoration with a frame)
  • Organic cotton mask, mask gauge
  • ustom order-made table with a single top-board made by traditional techniques
  • Teapot and Vase
  • Teacups (Large & small) "gyokubun awabun"
  • Cotton Candy Towel
  • Organic Dot Towel